Caledonian Games is the tabletop game design and development group led by Scott Allen.

All games are in various preproduction stages of development. Our hope is to have the best of our titles reach production and distribution stages soon.

Let The Games Begin!

Current Games

Warriors of the Wasteland

Narrative Post-Apocalyptic RPG

Dungeon Hoarder

Dungeon Crawler RPG


Double Agent Portfolio Game

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The inside scoop behind our game development concepts and process.


In Development


The Rainforest Biodiversity Game

Strata is a rainforest biodiversity succession simulation game for 2 to 4 players

The Scenario:

The Amazon Rainforest is being deforested at an alarming rate. You are a Conservation Ecologist who is determined to do your best to undo some of that damage. 

Good News! You have been given a 20 year contract to steward a deforested Amazon Rainforest Biome back to health. You have just that much time to manage and restore Your Biome into a thriving, diverse, and dynamic environment with strong species interrelationships. 

This is a Greater Bulldog Bat, a Stage 2 Species Card that uses it's echolocation to catch fish in the dry season.

This is a Biome Board with all Tree Tiles in place. Players introduce Species to each Strata here.

Then players place a Biome Board on the table in front of them, draw 5 stage 1 species cards (1 from each STRATA), and draw 2 Assistant Cards, choosing the one of their liking and discarding the other.

Now Players are ready to begin!

The game is setup quickly by placing the Region Board at the end of a table. Then you place each of the clear acrylic STRATA card trays upon the board for easy card management. Also place the Assistant Card Tray and the 10 Biennial Goals upon the top of the Region Board, turn over the first Biennial Goal to signal the start of the first round.

If you are the most successful of your peers, you will be the winning candidate and Your Biome will be chosen as the next Amazonian Nature Reserve and Education Center.

You rebuild Your Biome in 5 zones known as STRATA:

    River - Forest Floor - Understory - Canopy - Emergent


Why Caledonian Games?

The company name was chosen by founder Scott Allen. It is based upon the Latin name for Scotland. Since Scott has ancestral ties to both the McLaren and Sir Walter Scott clans, he felt the name was apropos.

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