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Caledonian Games is rapidly approaching launch time for multiple titles.  The fast and mischievous Dungeon Hoarders draws players into a fantastic world of monsters, thievery, and sabotage.  The board game Time Trouble allows players to imagine themselves lost in time.  Only by developing skills needed to solve history’s (and future’s) greatest challenges can bring a player home to victory.

Future Releases

Future Releases

Check out some of the exciting game ideas that are being born at Caledonian Games.  In Future Releases, you’ll see concept art & game descriptions for game titles as of yet unscheduled for release.

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Dungeon Hoarders

Dungeon Hoarders is a fast and fun game of mythical monster slaying, grab and go thievery, and mischievous sabotage.

Dungeon Hoarders is easy enough for anyone 8+ years of age to play but has a dynamic player tracking system for recording character improvement, allowing a player abilities to grow as does the games difficulty.  

The game is also built upon a unique map generating method that allows every level of every game to be a uniquely fun and challenging experience.

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In Espionage, players operate as double agents, pledging a public allegiance to one nation while secretly working for the success of another.  

In covert efforts to effect world crises, player’s must must use their hidden power to manipulate politicians, foreign nations, investors, and media sources.

Through these manipulations players will effect the rise and fall of security in states around the world.  A smart player can use the well finessed  health of key nations to their own benefit.

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Dungeon Hoarders Espionage