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Future Releases

At Caledonian Games I am always conceiving of, and designing elements for, new games. Some of those games make their first appearance in the Developer Journal where you can see the thought process behind creative decision for many upcoming titles.

If a game is here in Future Releases, the game is past the early development stages and I am either already game testing, or in the process of developing a prototype for testing.  Please take a look below at these exciting upcoming titles.

Warriors of the Wasteland™ is a semi-cooperative role play adventure game set on post-apocalyptic Earth in the year 2094.  Player’s can choose one of eleven different iconic characters, each with special abilities and talents, to play in a perilous adventure to seek a new home in Greenland, last remaining place on earth untouched by a recent holocaust.

The game is uniquely semi-cooperative.  Player’s must rely on each other to successfully complete their journey and find a new home for those of their wasteland community.  All player’s have strengths and weaknesses.  A well organized and cooperative team can limit the groups negative abilities through teamwork.  The player’s also have certain modular but heavy items they need to carry in order to complete the trip. A boat is necessary to traverse rivers and lakes and a hot air balloon must be carried to complete the final stage of the journey, to float over the Labrador Sea to Greenland.  If any character dies en route, the other player’s must carry their burdens lest the whole group fail.

Despite the inherent necessity to work as a team, someone must become the leader of the new community and the lust for power becomes a factor.  Throughout the game, players will have access to Morality cards.  These cards present mini objectives that players can complete for leadership points.  While some of the objectives require characters to commit good deeds, the cards of highest value require player’s to sabotage or even kill off a team member.  The greater the risk, the greater the reward.

In the Morality cards shown above, doing harm earns more points than helping others.

Another fun aspect of the game is the crafting system that allows players to assemble and repair items from commonly scavenged objects throughout the game world.  If a player had found Stock, Barrel, Scope, and Gun Parts they could attempt to engineer a Hunting Rifle.  If later they found a Cartridge they could reconstructed it into an Sniper Rifle.  If a part of the gun were to break, the player could deconstruct the nonfunctioning weapon and retain its serviceable parts.  For instance if the Gun Parts, Cartridge, or Barrel were to break, and the player were able to find an Ion Core and a Power Conduit, they could now engineer an Ion Rifle.  This wasteland engineering system makes both scavenging and repair highly useful skills in the play of the game.

These equipment cards show the weapons one could engineer in the scenario described above.

A series of 5 maps will take the player’s all the way from the middle American wasteland across the Great Lakes, fording rivers of Ontario, through dangerous subterranean caverns, and eventually through icy mountains of the Labrador Peninsula.  If the players survive through each challenging region they may be able to complete the journey to Greenland victorious.  

For more information about the creation of Warriors of the Wasteland™ and greater detail about game features, visit the Developer Journal post for February 1, 2013  

In Time Trouble™, all of the players are lost in time.  This happens as a freakish accident takes place in the temporal sciences building at Runamuck University.  Due to the accident, random individuals from through out the university were sucked into a temporal gate and thrust into a different time.  This event begins a perilous journey that will hopefully lead at least one player back home to their proper place in time and surely destined to be famed as the first human to master time travel.

Player’s progress through different significant periods in history, fixing the time continuum by correcting important historical scenarios that have altered due to the accident at Runamuck that began their adventure.  As player’s correct these events they partially heal the rift in time and portal open up that will lead the players closer to home.  If a player is the first to make it home, and through such an unprecedented experience, they will return to the present heroically as the first person to successfully travel through time.

For more information about the creation of Time Trouble™ and greater detail about game features, visit the Developer Journal post for August 26, 2012.