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espionage is an exciting new release from Caledonian Games.  Player’s act as double agents engaging in subterfuge and sabotage to manipulate the political health of powerful nations.  As nations struggle to cope with internal crisis, agents can provide support or hindrance to relief efforts greatly effecting security levels around the globe.  Armed with cunning, and secret insider information, agents can invest toward the success or failure of nations finding personal gain in the wake of their meddling.

Game Features  

Agents manipulate 160 unique challenges. Crisis and International Incident Cards come alive in the game as headline news.

Control the game through powerful Field Agents or stun your opponents with the sudden play of Espionage Cards.

espionage™ cards and game tokens are dramatically lit and drawn in a noir style that captures the essence of this playable spy thriller!

espionage has a current release date for Fall 2013. Please continue to check our site for an updated release schedule. For greater detail about this exciting new game please check out our post in the Developer Journal for October 1, 2012.