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Dungeon Hoarders is a fast paced dungeon looting game where you and your friends race through unknown terrains in an attempt to slay beasts of The Horde and loot their treasure.  During your turn you may journey further into the unknown depths to seek out new glory or you may opt to play it safe, to hoard your hard won booty and keep it safe from theft. The choice is your but in an exciting race to clear the dungeon, every lost step can put you behind in the greedy competition to hoard the most loot and claim victory.

Game Features  

Six different Heroes all have different strengths and abilities. The hero trackers help keep accurate record of progress and wealth gains.

As players journey deeper into the dungeon they face fiercer creatures but a greater reward.

Some boon cards may be consumed for temporary power ups while others provide new functions that add new player abilities.

Map tiles are placed as players move through a dungeon with a simple d10 roll. This system guarantees a unique adventure every time.

Dungeon Hoarders is in game testing phase and I am working on developing many of the graphic assets.  At this point the game has a tentative release date of winter 2014.  For more information about updated release schedules please return to the site.  For more information about the making of Dungeon Hoarders please visit the August 4, 2012 post in the Developer Journal.