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Welcome to Caledonian Games

Caledonian Games LLC is a game publishing company dedicated to the development, publishing, marketing and distribution of table top board, card, and dice based games.

Caledonian Games founder, Scott Allen, is an active game player and creator with over 10 titles in development including the exciting upcoming initial releases, Dungeon Hoarders

and Espionage. is the premiere connection for descriptions and launch dates of future releases. Visitors will find unprecedented exposure to the developer’s creative process, as the thoughts and actions behind product development are regularly shared through the developer journal. Also found within are full descriptions of team members and their portfolios on the team page.  

Scott Allen is also the founder of the Creative Gamers Alliance, a group that promotes the advancement of game development through creative collaboration and game testing events.

Through an unabashed love of gaming and active networking with artists and game developers he is determined to bring the highest quality games to market.

Future Releases

Future Releases

Concept art and descriptions of games in development.

Developer Journal

Developer Journal

A regularly updated journal detailing the development of Caledonian Games upcoming releases.

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Dungeon Hoarders™

The soon the be released fast and fun adventure game!

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Espionage is a game of cunning and deceit. As a double agents, players manipulate the state of the world.

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